Kate Breslin

Creating Inspiration Through Writing


Hi, I’m Kate, and welcome to my website! Rest your mouse a minute and I’ll tell you a bit about myself. First off, I’m a writer, and recently sold my first Kate Breslin.cominspirational novel, a story of love and redemption set during WWII. Thanks to a wonderful agent and publisher, For Such A Time (Bethany House Publishers,) will be in stores April 1, 2014. (Really, no April Fools!) As you’ve guessed, I’m VERY excited about my news, and can’t wait to share my story of Aric and Stella with the world! 

When I’m not writing, I usually have my nose in a book–as a bookseller for years, you can see, poor me, I have quite the collection. Though I may never get through all of them, I can always hope! And I read almost anything–my current delights katebreslin.cominclude a fantasy, an historical romance, and an inspirational. Still, my all-time favorites are stories of love that end in happily ever after; and if they show God’s role in bringing two hearts together, even better.

 Now that spring is here in the Pacific Northwest (That’s a big Yay!! from me) It’s time to be outside in my garden. Because of time, I’m planting starts this year instead of seeds. I’m also experimenting with regrowing store-Photo0288bought veggies and hope to plant those in soil once they take root. As you can see, my lettuce is coming along nicely! 

katebreslin.comThis is also the season I begin making my own savory vinegars and oils from the herbs I grow–rosemary, sage, oregano, and fennel. They’re easy to make and taste delicious on salads! 

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Kate, I found you! Thank you for your company Tuesday. I enjoyed getting to know you more and sharing our love of books and writing.

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