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My Saving Graces


MadonnaI’m grateful that I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. “I wandered the desert” so many years before returning home to my faith and the Church. Looking back, I can see how our Lord watched over me; He showered me with blessings and performed little miracles for my benefit–even though I took it all for granted. Now, He is my Strength when I feel weak; my Shoulder when I just need a good cry; my Ear when I struggle to work out some inner problem, or simply want to pray. He is my Always There, the One with Whom I can share the joys and burdens of daily life.


 Speaking of blessings…John and I have been married overkatebreslin.com 34 years katebreslin.comand he’s still my best friend. We love traveling together, singing together, and most importantly–laughing together. We also enjoy many of the same movies (we have hundreds of DVDs!) Since he’s retired, I keep him busy doing lots of “blue stuff”–when he’s not playing guitar or woodcrafting.

 These two handsome guys–our son and grandson–are the other loves of my life. Like his dad, Johnny is a talented musician and plays in a band as a drummer and bass player. He also inherited his gift for woodworking–our son makes beautiful conference tables from salvaged timber, and recently started his own business crafting unique artisan furniture. Our grandson, aside from being brilliant at eight years old, has his own band with his ten-year-old cousin. They call themselves the “Monsters” (don’t ask) but I definitely think we have another up-and-coming rock star in the family…

More pictures of my clan…


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